All Good is a social impact storytelling platform for non-profits, non-government organizations, social enterprises, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The goal of All Good is to create a wider community of people who are engaged in the advocacy of social impact.

Founders' Letter

All Good was an overnight idea that was a long time coming.

When co-founders Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico and Jonty Cruz met for the first time, they knew nothing of each other save for the reputation gathered from close friends. Cecile, who has been in philanthropy most of her life, heads Evident Communications, an agency she co-founded in 2013. Jonty had just finished his seven-year run in publishing and was most recently the editor in chief of Rogue Magazine. What started out as an ordinary conversation led to something better: something new and something good.

All Good was born out of a need. A need for stories about people who are making an impact to get the spotlight they deserve. It was that need that cemented what All Good had to be and in a span of 24 hours, the idea became a proposition and that proposition became a commitment.

All Good is a commitment to provide a platform for social impact stories and to connect organizations to a modern audience that’s becoming more socially aware each and every day and are looking for ways to learn, participate, and contribute. Our goal is to build and nurture a community of diverse yet like-minded individuals who can be part of social impact initiatives through creative and authentic means.

At a time when digital communication seems too much and too fast, All Good offers a fresh and focused perspective to stories that truly matter. By working with the best and brightest in the creative industry, All Good aims to provide content that not only informs but engages and make social media good again.

People behind All Good

Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Cecile has over ten years of experience leading and advising NGOs in the Philippines. As Executive Director of the Conrado and Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation (CLAFI), she led education reform and community participation initiatives that resulted in significant improvements in student performance. Today, she serves as CEO of Evident, an integrated marketing and public relations firm that has a dedicated unit for social impact and advocacy communications. Cecile continues to be active in the social impact space, as President of CLAFI and Board Member of the Association of Foundations and Teach for the Philippines.

At All Good, Cecile brings her expertise in digital marketing and advocacy communications to help amplify meaningful and important stories and initiatives.

Jonty Cruz

Co-Founder and Director of Content and Creatives

Before All Good, Jonty Cruz had been in publishing since 2011. He was part of the founding editorial team of Esquire Philippines, starting out as its first editorial assistant and eventually becoming its managing editor then a contributing features editor by 2014. He then became the editor in chief of Young Star, the Philippine Star’s youth lifestyle section and in 2016 joined Rogue Magazine as its deputy editor. He was promoted to editor in chief of Rogue in 2017.

With All Good, Jonty brings his experience in lifestyle journalism and creative strategy to social impact storytelling.


Meet the creatives behind our stories as they share something good.

Isabelle Argosino


“I recently went back to one of my favorite books, Hope For The Flowers. It’s a children’s book, which revolves around two caterpillars on a journey to ‘climb to the top’ only to find something else. I go back to it every so often, and it always takes on another meaning depending on where I am in life. It’s a nice little reminder to never lose sight of what’s really important.”

Alyana Cabral


“The power of crystals / gemstones. Not too many are outspoken about this for fear of being judged or misunderstood, but gemstones have really been guiding me in daily life recently. I have about 11 pocket crystals at the moment, and depending on my activities for the day, I take some of them along with me. It’s really all about having something tangible to program your feelings and intentions to, as well as being grounded, because these stones are literally forces of nature, coming from the bottom of the earth.” Photo courtesy of Goethe-Institut

Jello Espino


“You should always be doing something personal. Whether it be taking photos of family or collecting things that mean something. Not for anybody else because it should be personal. I think it really helps both mind and soul.”

Gaby Gloria


“Right now, I really admire the work done by Teach Peace Build Peace Philippines. It’s an NGO that aims to spread peace education for children (especially those in conflict areas).”

JL Javier


“I found that lately I’ve been listening to a lot of new female artists — among whom are Maggie Rogers, Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski, and Snail Mail. One of my favorite songs of the year is “Me & My Dog” by boygenius, an all-girl indie supergroup composed of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus.”

Ralph Mendoza


“I’m all for underdogs who help dogs. This kid Ken, for instance, runs Happy Animals Club, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary in Davao. He may only be a kid but he’s years ahead of us in organized animal care, something that ought to be a major priority around the country. I’m a fan of his club.”

Pam Musni


“I love the Youtube channels ondo온도 and i’m cyborg but that’s okay! I love how soothing their aesthetic is. They’re the perfect YouTube channels to scroll through if you’re having a rough day or need a little inspiration.”

Artu Nepomuceno


“I recommend Jon Rose, founder of Waves for Water. He’s traveling the world providing communities with access to clean water. Together with him is Carlo Delantar, designated country director for the organization. Carlo has spearheaded our missions around the Philippines, where we’ve been able to help the communities in remote islands have access to clean water.”

Sam Potenciano


“I follow a lot of local animal-lovers on social media, and it’s really inspiring to me to see people I know who go out of their way to make a difference in an animal’s life. Even if it’s something small like helping feed community cats or helping someone circulate a post about a missing pet. Small acts like that have so much potential to change at least one animal’s life.”

Mariah Reodica


“Magpies Press is raising hell in Los Baños and beyond for independent publishing. There’s always something unexpected and surprising whenever they have zine conventions. They’ve built a community with energy that’s infectious and energetic, which is one of the best parts of youth culture.”

Liezl Yap


“Hiraya Bakery is a small business based in Laguna and they always find interesting ways to incorporate local fruit and produce in what they make. (Passionfruit ginger sticky buns, anyone?) I like the way they do business – there’s a great emphasis on seasonality and empowering their staff and community. Their rosemary caramel shortbread cookie is my favorite; I always have a stash in the freezer.”

Gabby Cantero

Director & Photographer

“For a while now, I’ve been wondering how I could help raise awareness for our local farmers. My search usually resulted at zero or something too far fetched until I stumbled upon the Good Food Community. They’re a group focused on helping small farmers. Their goal is to build a sustainable community between land, farmers & consumers. I could go into this more but I’ll end here because this is a story I would love to tell in the future.”

Joyce Torrecampo


 “One of my favorite local brands is Cat+Kai Handmade Jewelry, a small business that makes wearable gems out of beautifully colored sea glass plucked from our own beaches.”

Mags Ocampo

Writer, Freelance Art Director

“Over the past few months, I’ve found that few things compare to the delight of just the right mix of sunshine on my skin and wind in my hair while walking through the different streets of Makati. I’ve realised that I fall in love with places that are easy to get around by foot—after all, it’s the best way to get a real feel of a place. Walking cities also show a collective value and respect for design and urban planning. That’s something I definitely admire. Tokyo, New York, and Singapore are just a few great examples that come to mind. Spend less, experience more.”

Dthree Digital

Web Design and Development

“We love Hanamayari, a cause-driven brand that promotes local woven products. With crafts and bags hailing from indigenous Filipino and Vietnamese communities, expect lots of unique designs.”


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